Thursday, July 18, 2019

Another Tree Massacre by Developer (Benchmark Development, Inc.) in East Fort Worth

Tuesday morning, as I drove to work on what really used to be scenic Randol Mill Road on the east side of Fort Worth, a chill went down my spine when I saw the heavy equipment at 7429 Randol Mill Road.  The developer, Benchmark Development, Inc., out of Frisco, Texas, purchased 20+ acres of beautiful, huge pecan tree-lined green space for the purpose of building even more houses along Randol Mill Road.  I tried to talk myself into having some faith that the developer would keep their word as they had promised the neighbors they would keep the pecan trees.  I tried to believe the City of Fort Worth wouldn't let this happen again, especially after the DR Horton tree massacre.  

I was disappointed, yet again, as I drove home from work and saw the destruction of the hundreds of years old pecan trees sacrificed by for the developer to squeeze a few more lots onto their property.  I'm waiting for a return call from Fort Worth's Urban Forestry to see if this was a permitted act of destruction or another wanton act by developers who know they will have no consequence by the City of Fort Worth.   

Please think twice before considering buying a home from this developer (Benchmark Development, Inc.) as they have proven to not be men of their words.  Think twice before living in the City of Fort Worth too, especially the east side of Fort Worth, as for the love of tax money, the City allows developers' to build in areas that can't support the current infrastructure.  

Shame on Benchmark Development, Inc. and the City of  Fort Worth. 

Benchmark's lack of respect for hundreds of years old pecan trees.

The beautiful area before Benchmark.

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