Monday, September 25, 2017

Flooded Arlington Heights.....Failed by Fort Worth

Arlington Heights, like other areas of Fort Worth are flooding like never before and instead of fixing the flooding problems, Fort Worth is going to try to take the easy way out by buying out some of the very frustrated home owners.  Does anyone really believe these home owners will be justly compensated?  If Fort Worth gets away with this, Katy bar the door!

Just for the record, Arlington Heights hasn't always flooded.  The beautiful, historic neighborhood was established in the 1920s and only began experiencing flooding about a decade ago.  

So, what's Fort Worth been doing about this over the last decade?  

Well, in 2005, Fort Worth city staff estimated the cost to keep several areas of Fort Worth, including Arlington Heights, above water during rains at about $500 million.

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Fast forward 12 years to 2017 and now that $500 million is a drop in the bucket.  City officials now believe the cost could exceed $1 billion and explain the aging storm water infrastructure can't keep up with the growth and development.  

So why is Fort Worth continuing to permit new development at a crazy rate knowing their aging infrastructure can't keep up?!  Sounds intentional and reckless to me.

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