Monday, August 24, 2015

True or False?

In recent discussions with Fort Worth city officials, city inspectors, and code compliance officers, the claim was made that average citizens are treated the same way big business, industry, and private developers are when it comes to having to follow the rules.

What do you think.....true or false?

I'd like to know about your personal experience with FW city officials, city inspectors, and code compliance. You don't have to give your name, just a brief description of why you had contact with the city official, city inspector, or code compliance officer and what the outcome was.  

For example:  When I was building my house, a city inspector required the stairs be torn out and re-done because they were 1/4" too steep.  Yes....this really happened!

Also, if you have any examples of big business, industry, and private developers not following rules and not having a consequence from the city, please share.

For example:  A private developer builds a concrete batch plant without any permits and when caught, claims ignorance.  The private developer is allowed to continue to operate his concrete batch plant while attempting to obtain the required permits.

I look forward to hearing your opinions and experiences and will blog the results.

Remember....if we lose the battle, it'll be because of the people who don't care enough to fight.

Mary Kelleher